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Nikchick [userpic]

Cookbook Club Meet-up #2

March 4th, 2012 (12:13 am)

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Tonight was the second meet-up of our Cookbook Club. Cookbook Club is like a book club but with food! This meet-up was originally scheduled for January but had to be postponed due to bad weather. We cooked from Molly Stevens' books: All About Braising and All About Roasting.

Dishes included: Braised potatoes and leeks, braised escarole and white beans, slow-roasted goat leg with harissa, onions and tomatoes, pan-roasted chicken, mustard-crusted roast potatoes, roasted fennel, roasted broccoli with kalamata olive dressing, ginger roast chicken and elbow macaroni with tomatoes and pan sauce, and a delicious dessert of brown sugar-roasted pineapple. Plus wine, tea, espresso, good talk and fun times. 

Also, because I arrived late and left late, I was on hand to take away the chicken carcasses for making stock and was gifted the leftover bottles of wine by our non-drinking hosts. Win!

Thanks to Bill and Laurie Rockenbeck for hosting this time.


Posted by: Michelle Lyons (anaka)
Posted at: March 4th, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)

I have suddenly realized how much I miss your food posts.

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